The Best Pickleball Paddle Sets

Pickleball is a game that’s played with a pickleball paddle. They make the entire game! Pickleball paddles are a racquet that is used to hit a ball. You need to have the best pickleball paddle to have the best returning and serving experience. Pickleball paddles range in size and weight. There are also sets you can purchase if you’re in need of several pickleball paddles and possibly other game items like pickleball balls. I’ve put together a list of the best pickleball paddle sets.  

All of the pickleball paddles you see listed below are excellent choices. However, I would like to note that even though these paddle sets are ideal for anyone, beginner or not. However, these sets have different items, paddles made of different materials, and price ranges, so please consider those based on what kind of player you are. 

The Best Pickleball Paddle Sets

Here are some of the best pickleball paddle sets to consider when looking for the best pickleball paddle for you!

Diller Pickleball Paddle Set

Let’s get started! I’m first going to share the Diller Pickleball Paddle Set; it’s an excellent choice for those looking for a simple set that’s great for beginners. It’d be difficult for an absolute beginner pickleball player to find a more ideal pickleball paddle set. These pickleball paddles are wooden, which I would like to mention is not ideal for intermediate to pro players. The exact wood that these paddles are made from is a seven-ply hardwood. You’d think that would be heavy, right? Wrong! Their weight is perfect for a beginner player that is not familiar with pickleball paddles. 

The paddles were made with cushion grips to offer a comfortable hold and steadiness. A feature that isn’t necessary but I find fantastic for those new to the sport is the wrist straps. It gives peace of mind to someone who is new to playing and ensures the paddle won’t go flying out of your hand when you hit the ball.

Speaking of balls, this set comes with four bright green pickleballs. These pickleballs are definitely meant to be used indoors, so if you’re looking for a set that comes with outdoor balls, then this is not the right set for you. However, this wooden pickleball paddle set has everything you need to learn the game’s ins and outs and get started. It truly is a beginner’s best bet.

GSE Games & Sports Complete Pickleball Set

The GSE Games & Sports Complete Pickleball Set comes with absolutely everything you need to start playing and even build your own pickleball court if you want! I like that this set provides balls made of high-quality materials and paddles made with enhanced grips for extra comfort. Included in the set are a steel support pole frame, a pickleball net, six official outdoor pickleballs, four hardwood pickleball paddles, and a heavy-duty nylon carrying bag. The set also comes with instructions for assembly and how to play the game.

Many of the users who purchased this set commented that it is very sturdy, and the steel frame carries the weight well. This pickleball set is an excellent choice for those who play in clubs or tournaments or even those who just play regularly at community centers or in the park.

What I like the most about this pickleball paddle set is the very sturdy seam welding that ensures that there’s excellent resistance against splitting. The metal frame also received positive reviews from users, and the paddles are some of the strongest we have seen in a set of this type. The set is very easy to put up and take down, so you’ll always be ready to play in minutes.

JP WinLook Pickleball Paddle Set

For the more serious players, I can recommend this set enough. The JP WinLook Pickleball Paddle Set is an excellent complete set. It comes with its own carry bag, has two USAPA standards-approved premium graphite paddles with a polymer honeycomb core, three pickleball balls, and a portable storage bag. 

This pickleball paddle set differs from the other options on this list because it’s great for both  playing pickleball indoors and outdoors. As stated previously, the pickleball paddles in this set are made of high-quality graphite and have a honeycomb polymer core. These materials allow the paddles to be lightweight (7.8 oz) and durable. In addition, the wide-body design offers better impact and a large sweet spot. This kind of balance and control is exactly what you want to look for in pickleball paddles!

The pickleball balls feature precisely drilled holes that make them aerodynamic. This is crucial for gameplay and allows for a perfectly delivered flight path over the net. The balls bounce pretty high, so they can spring off any surface they encounter. This is especially true when it comes to them being hit with graphite paddles. Their bright yellow color makes them highly visible, so don’t worry if you or someone else hits the ball a little too high. You’ll still be able to see it. 

So if you’re a professional pickleball player, I highly recommend this set. Of course, if you’re a beginner, you can buy this set, but I only recommend it if you’re really going to commit to the sport since this is a pricier option. This also makes a great gift if you’re looking for something to give an avid player. Any friend or family member will be overjoyed to get this set and try it out. The JP WinLook Pickleball Paddle Set is the perfect all-around choice for a complete pickleball set.

Paddle Features to Keep in Mind

Best Pickleball Paddle for Beginners

Of course, if you’re reading this article, you’re most likely looking specifically for control, so you may be okay with compromising in some areas. However, I’m still going to share other features to keep in mind as you search for the right pickleball paddle for you. 


If there’s one vital feature that you should pay attention to other than control, it’s weight. Weight determines how the paddle feels when you’re holding it, and it affects how well you swing.

Pickleball paddles can range significantly in this area, from anywhere from six to fourteen ounces. Lightweight paddles are those under 7.3 ounces, while medium ranges from 7.3 ounces to 8.4 ounces. Anything over 8.5 is considered heavy. 

Grip Size

Every pickleball player’s goal is to take accurate, controlled shots, and finding the correct grip is paramount to achieving that goal. 

There is some debate about long vs. short grips. You’ll hear that longer grips offer more stability while shorter grips deliver greater control. But in our humble opinion, the grip should be neither too long nor too short. A good rule of thumb for most people is that it is roughly the same size as your palm and comfortable to hold. 

Paddle Width

The paddle’s width is another feature to consider, as it influences how well you can hit the sweet spot. In most cases, paddle width should not exceed twenty-four inches. 

Edge Guard

Some pickleball paddles have edge guards or protection for the edge of the paddle against chips and damage. Most people prefer medium-sized edge guards, though others go with large sizes, which increase the hitting surface. The trade-off with large edge guards is that the pickleball paddle’s weight increases, which may not be something you want. 

Frequently Asked Questions

When looking for the best pickleball paddle, you may have a few questions. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or have some pickleball experience. You should learn as much as you can about paddles.

Here are some common paddle questions.

How Long Do Paddles Last?

The lifespan of a paddle depends on the materials and construction. For example, if the paddle’s interior is thin and the exterior is too smooth, your paddle may not be suitable for long-term use. However, it can be good to get you started.

You should also consider that the area between the paddle and the handle is crucial. That can be a weak spot on a lot of paddles, and that can cause your paddle to break even when the surface is still usable.

If possible, feel the paddle and inspect the edges and the handle. Then, you can determine if it’s durable enough to last through many games.

What Paddles Give You More Power?

Heavier paddles have the most power. While lightweight paddles can be easier to hold and maneuver, they won’t be as strong.

You can also look for super-heavy-weight paddles for even more power. But if you just need an average amount of that, you can get a medium-weight paddle.

What Paddles Offer More Control?

While a larger paddle is more powerful, you may sacrifice control. Smaller and lighter paddles are better for players who need to respond quickly in a game.

You should look for a lightweight or medium-weight paddle for more control. A smaller head can help reduce the overall weight so that you can have more control over your shots.

Can a Good Paddle Help a Beginner?

Many things can help beginner pickleball players, and the right gear is essential. You don’t need the most expensive paddle, but you do need a good-quality one that won’t break the first time you use it.

As a beginner, you may want to start with a lighter paddle. While it won’t be as powerful, it won’t strain your wrist. Once you start playing more, you can decide if you want a heavier, more powerful paddle.

How Should You Hold Your Paddle?

While playing, try to keep your paddle near your chest. That will help improve your reaction time so that you can make more shots early on.

You should also consider stretching before you play. Many pickleball injuries are preventable by warming up. Start by walking or jogging around the court, then stretch out your wrists and arms to help avoid fatigue.

Make sure your paddle feels comfortable and secure in your hand. If the handle feels too short, you may not have the best pickleball paddle for you. On the other hand, it shouldn’t feel like you have to strain to hold the paddle securely.

Are Expensive Paddles Better?

While many expensive paddles are of excellent quality, they aren’t always the best. Therefore, you should consider your current pickleball experience and your needs.

Sometimes, paddles are more expensive because they’re thicker and heavier. So if you want something lighter, you may prefer a more affordable option.

Wrapping Up

There are the best pickleball paddle sets! Of course, you might be wondering what our top pick would be. While the competition on this list is close–and you can’t go wrong with any of the options listed–we do feel that there is one pickleball paddle set that stands slightly above the rest. So our top pick would have to go to the JP WinLook Pickleball Paddle Set; you can purchase the set here.

It has several features that we think are useful for players of all ability levels. For one, we like the core and face material and the price. Then there’s the comfortable weight, wide sweet spot, and control and power, all of which are characteristics that pickleball players look for in a paddle. 

Overall, JP WinLook helps players achieve a fun, dynamic play with this model, and you’ll notice lots of pop when you hit the ball. Lastly, the price makes this pickleball paddle set attractive. You can get two well-performing pickleball paddle models and halls at a price that won’t break the bank, which many will appreciate. 

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